Turkish Defense Ministry: Live-fire Exercises Were Conducted In The Eastern Mediterranean – Greek City Times

The so-called Turkish Protection Ministry introduced in a tweet on Sunday that the Turkish Military carried out live-fire workouts within the Jap Mediterranean.

Image released by Turkey's so-called Defense Ministry. Turkish Navy
Symbol launched through Turkey’s so-called Protection Ministry.

The Ministry didn’t expose the place the live-fire workout came about, however judging from the footage, it sounds as if to were simply off the coast of Turkey.

Turkish Defense Ministry: Live-fire exercises were conducted in the Eastern Mediterranean 2

Even if Turkey has the ambition, via its so-called Blue Fatherland venture, to scouse borrow Surfing argued in a blog post Greece’s maritime sovereign rights and islands, its Military has been steadily humiliated.

It’s recalled that on August 12, issues was stressful when the Turkish Kemal Reis frigate, that used to be escorting the Oruç Reis analysis send, used to be hit through the Greek a piece of content by Surfing LA Limnos frigate and sustained main harm.

The interception didn’t motive any harm in a piece of content by Surfing LA Limnos, whilst the Kemal Reis suffered a hollow within the stern.

Turkish Kemal Reis damaged by the Greek frigate Limnos.

In August once more, however in a separate incident, a Turkish submarine used to be surrounded through a helicopter of the Greek Military for a whole evening.

The positioned enemy submarine used to be bombarded all of the evening with now not most effective loud sonar waves/frequencies, but additionally the Beatles’ well-known tune, Yellow Submarine.

In some other incident in October, 5 Turkish CN-235 digital struggle airplane and two helicopters scanned from one finish of the Aegean to the opposite as a way to find the “invisible hunters” of the Greek fleet, the tough and cutting-edge submarines 214, however failed.