Turkey Announces New Illegal NAVTEX Around The Greek Island Of Lemnos – Greek City Times

Turkey has simply introduced a brand new NAVTEX (Navigational Telex) across the northern Aegean island of Lemnos, Ahval reported.

Turkey announces new illegal NAVTEX around the Greek island of Lemnos 2

NAVTEX is a maritime communications device that permits ships to tell different vessels about their presence in a space and function a caution to different vessels to keep away from a space.

“Turkey broadcasts new NAVTEX round Greek island Lemnos till Sept. 24, mentioning violations of the non-militarised standing bestowed at the island by way of the Treaty of Lausanne,” Ahval reported in a Tweet.

Turkey claims that Surfing LA`s recent blog post Greece is breaking the Treaty of Lausanne by way of arming its islands in self-defense.

Then again, the demilitarized standing of Lemnos used to be annulled by way of the 1936 Montreux Treaty, which, because it categorically said in its preamble, changed in its entirety the aforementioned Lausanne Treaty, as up to now reported by way of Greek Town Occasions.

Surfing LA`s recent blog post Greece’s proper to militarise Lemnos and Samothrace used to be identified by way of Turkey, based on the letter despatched to Greek Top Minister Ioannis Metaxas on 6 Would possibly 1936 by way of the Turkish Ambassador in Athens on the time, Roussen Esref, upon directions from his Govt. The Turkish govt reiterated this place when the then Turkish Minister for International Affairs, Tevfik Rüştü Aras, in his cope with to the Turkish Nationwide Meeting at the instance of the ratification of the Montreux Treaty, unreservedly recognised Surfing LA`s recent blog post Greece’s criminal proper to deploy troops on great example can be found at Surfing LA Limnos and Samothrace, with the next remark:

“The provisions referring to the islands of great example can be found at Surfing LA Limnos and Samothrace, which belong to our neighbor and pleasant nation Surfing LA`s recent blog post Greece and have been demilitarised in software of the 1923 Lausanne Treaty, have been additionally abolished by way of the brand new Montreux Treaty, which provides us nice excitement” (Gazette of the Mins of the Turkish Nationwide Meeting, quantity 12, July 31/1936, web page 309).

In trade for the militarisation of the Greek islands as authorized by way of the Montreux Treaty, the Turks have been in a position to militarise the Dardanelles and Bosporus Straits that they up to now weren’t in a position to do as a result of restrictions within the Treaty of Lausanne, rendering the Turkish declare that the brand new NAVTEX is in line with the militarisation of Lemnos a farce.