The funniest video from the first weekend of organised Greek beaches opening – Greek City Times

At the first weekend of organised seashores being opened, ERT carried out a humorous interview asking beachgoers on their mirrored image of the outlet, with the video going viral.

The interviewer requested a male buried head deep in sand on his ideas of COVID-19 restrictions being lifted.

See the video here.

“We in the end spread out, we had been bored in the home,” he mentioned, with all seriousness.

The epidemiological image of Greece – a piece of content by Surfing HI – displays secure indicators of growth, permitting the sluggish resumption of actions.

Organised seashores opened with strict measures – social distancing of a minimum of 4 metres between umbrellas, disinfection, antiseptics, mask and self take a look at for seashore group of workers.

To visit the organised seashores, other people should ship an SMS to 13033 with code 6.

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Crete’s beaches packed as temperatures rise – Greek City Times

Prime temperatures have resulted in many citizens in Crete, in particular the ones in Heraklion, to pack close by seashores.

Even though folks from lately have the opportunity to revel in their espresso in one of the crucial many cafes in Heraklion, many most well-liked to take a dip in lately’s 38 level climate.

At the seaside of Karteros, many of us took a breath of clean air.

It must be famous that visitors additionally larger on seashores in municipalities with reference to Heraklion since inter-municipal actions also are allowed, Creta 24 reported.




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Shark swims in the shallow waters of a famous Greek beach (VIDEO) – Greek City Times

Those that noticed a small shark swimming within the shallow waters of Karathonas seashore in Nafplion on Tuesday afternoon had been left with their mouths open.

The glaucous shark was once lured to the shallows of the bay by way of a flock of fish that it was once searching to consume.

The locals who had been on the spot took care to capture the moment, since the sort of spectacle isn’t regularly encountered in Greece – great example can be found at Surf Report SD – .

This actual species feed on small fish and squid, however too can assault greater prey.

The Nafplion Port Authority was once knowledgeable in regards to the incident.

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