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The Olympics are fascinating as a result of they bring about in combination the most productive athletes of our technology. However how a lot have you learnt in regards to the video games and the athletes competing? Check your wisdom of the video games with this set of Olympic minutiae:

A laugh Olympic Trivialities:

Query: An Olympic gold medal is made most commonly of what steel?
Resolution: “Gold” medals are 92.5% silver.

Query: Which group is the governing frame of the Olympic Video games?
Resolution: Global Olympic Committee.

Query: What girl was the 1st Olympic athlete to win gold two times twenty years aside?
Resolution: Brigit Fischer.

Query: What number of athletes have received gold medals competing for 2 other international locations?
Resolution: 3 athletes have received gold medals competing for 2 other international locations.


Query: Who used to be the 1st rower to win gold medals at 5 consecutive Olympic Video games?
Resolution: Steven Redgrave.

Query: During which yr used to be Tennis reinstated as an Olympic recreation?
Resolution: 1988.

Query: Who used to be the 1st Black athlete to win gold within the Iciness Olympics?
Resolution: Vonetta Vegetation.

Query: All over the 1932 Summer time Olympics, what error used to be made within the males’s 3000 meters steeplechase tournament?
Resolution: There used to be one further lap.

Query: Ladies’s wrestling used to be televised for the 1st time in what yr’s Olympic Video games?
Resolution: 2004.


Query: What nation boycotted the 1980 Summer time Olympics?
Resolution: The US.

Difficult Olympic Trivialities:

woman running competition

Unsplash / Nicolas Hoizey

Query: The 1976 Iciness Olympics have been held in Innsbruck, Austria, and then town withdrew its bid?
Resolution: Denver, Colorado.

Query: Who used to be the 1st athlete to take the Olympic oath?
Resolution: Victor Boin.

Query: What number of silver medals did Dana Torres win in Beijing?
Resolution: 3.

Query: True or false: Chase Kalisz received the first gold medal within the 2020 Summer time Olympics.
Resolution: False.


Query: How previous used to be the oldest Olympic medal winner?
Resolution: 72 years previous.

Query: Which Iciness Olympic sports activities have been at first a part of the Summer time Olympics?
Resolution: Ice hockey and determine skating.

Query: What’s the lowest-populated nation to win a medal on the Summer time Olympic Video games?
Resolution: Bermuda.

Query: What’s the Olympic motto?
Resolution: Quicker, Upper, More potent.

Query: What number of grams of gold are in Olympic gold medals?
Resolution: Six grams.


Query: Which member of the British royal circle of relatives received an Olympic medal?
Resolution: Zara Tindall.

Difficult Olympic Trivialities:

man in red and black jacket riding on black kayak on body of water during daytime

Unsplash / Kayvan Mazhar

Query: During which nation did the Olympics originate?
Resolution: Greece.

Query: The primary Olympic video games in Greece have been held how continuously?
Resolution: Each 4 years.

Query: The longest wrestling fit in Olympic historical past lasted what number of hours?
Resolution: 11 hours and 40 mins.

Query: When have been the 1st recognized Olympic video games held?
Resolution: 776 B.C.


Query: What’s the respectable motto for the Olympics?
Resolution: “Citius, Altius, Fortius.”

Query: What language is “Citius, Altius, Fortius”?
Resolution: This word is in Latin.

Query: Which town has hosted the Olympics thrice?
Resolution: London.

Query: When used to be the closing Olympic medal fabricated from forged gold awarded?
Resolution: 1912.

Query: What number of occasions have been held on the first trendy Olympics?
Resolution: 43.


Query: Which athletes input closing within the Parade of International locations on the opening rite?
Resolution: The host nation.

Tricky Olympic Trivialities:

three swimmers jumping on swimming pool

Unsplash / dylan nolte

Query: What number of athletes participated within the first trendy Olympics?
Resolution: 280.

Query: Which American athlete with a wood leg received six gymnastics medals on the 1904 Olympics?
Resolution: George Eyser.

Query: Which Olympic athlete used to be referred to as the “Milwaukee Meteor?”
Resolution: Archie Hahn.

Query: What number of international locations participated within the first trendy Olympics?
Resolution: 13.


Query: How previous used to be the youngest Olympic champion?
Resolution: Seven.

Query: The traditional pentathlon tournament used to be a mix of which sports activities?
Resolution: Discus, javelin, lengthy bounce, working, and wrestling.

Query: Which historical Greek athlete received 12 titles throughout 4 consecutive Olympics?
Resolution: Leonidas of Rhodes.

Query: What used to be the punishment for breaking the foundations within the historical Greek Olympic Video games?
Resolution: Public whipping and/or fines.

Query: BMX made its Olympic debut wherein town?
Resolution: Beijing


Query: The Beijing Olympics’ oldest and youngest athletes’ ages had a distinction of what number of years?
Resolution: 55.

Difficult Olympic Trivialities:

man in black and white jacket riding on snowboard during daytime

Unsplash / Colin Lloyd

Query: In 1904, which athlete used to be disqualified for doing a large portion of the 40-kilometer race by means of automobile?
Resolution: Fred Lorz.

Query: Michael Johnson used to be the 1st guy in historical past to win either one of which races?
Resolution: 200- and 400-meter.

Query: During which yr used to be softball presented to the Olympics?
Resolution: 1996.

Query: The primary American fencing gold medal used to be awarded wherein Olympic Video games?
Resolution: Athens in 2000.


Query: The Olympics have been suspended for 36 hours after a terrorist assault wherein town’s Olympic Village?
Resolution: Munich.

Query: On the 2008 Olympics, Michael Phelps broke whose report in maximum gold medals in swimming?
Resolution: Mark Spitz.

Query: Within the historical Greek Olympics, wrestlers used oil to stay what out in their pores?
Resolution: Sand.

Query: Rich winners of the traditional Greek Olympics may just erect statues of themselves the place?
Resolution: The Olympia Altis Grove.

Query: Which American Olympic athlete used to be later a prisoner of conflict in Global Struggle II?
Resolution: Louis Zamperini.


Query: Which Olympic Video games featured an unknown champion in rowing?
Resolution: 1900.

Suave Olympic Trivialities:

green red and blue round light decor

Unsplash / Shinnosuke Ando

Query: Wrestlers lined their our bodies in what within the historical Greek Olympics?
Resolution: Oil.

Query: When used to be the 1st Olympics final rite?
Resolution: 1924.

Query: When have been ladies first accepted to compete within the Olympics?
Resolution: 1900.

Query: Which Iciness Olympic Video games have been the 1st to be broadcast in colour?
Resolution: Grenoble.


Query: How lengthy have been the London Olympic Video games in 1908?
Resolution: 188 days.

Query: When used to be digital timing used to be used because the respectable time for the Olympics?
Resolution: 1968.

Query: Who used to be the 1st feminine Olympic champion?
Resolution: Hélène de Pourtalès.

Query: True or false: Within the 2021 Olympics, the entire ladies who received medals within the ladies’s boulevard skateboarding tournament have been youngsters.
Resolution: True.

Query: The traditional Greeks sacrificed which animal on the conclusion of the earliest Olympic video games?
Resolution: Oxen.


Query: Who arranged the hole ceremonies for the 1960 Iciness Olympics?
Resolution: Walt Disney.

Mindblowing Olympic Trivialities:

group of men standing in podium holding flowers

Unsplash / Simon Connellan

Query: In historical Greece, a separate pageant celebrating feminine athletes used to be referred to as what?
Resolution: Heraean Video games.

Query: Which comic seemed within the 2012 London Olympic Video games opening rite?
Resolution: Rowan Atkinson (“Mr. Bean“).

Query: The Olympic Video games might be considered on cell gadgets for the 1st time wherein yr?
Resolution: 2006.

Query: Zimbabwe participated within the Iciness Olympics for the 1st time wherein yr?
Resolution: 2014.


Query: Which Olympian used to be additionally a winner of The Masked Dancer?
Resolution: Gabby Douglas.

Query: Which used to be the 1st Latin American town to host the Olympics?
Resolution: Mexico Town.

Query: Which 4 years have observed the Olympics canceled?
Resolution: 1916, 1940, 1944, and 2020.

Query: The Olympic flag first flew wherein town?
Resolution: Antwerp, Belgium.

Query: The primary smoke-free Olympic Video games have been held wherein town?
Resolution: Calgary.


Query: Who’s the one girl to have competed in six editions of the Olympic Iciness Video games?
Resolution: Marja-Liisa Kirvesmiemi-Hämäläinen.

Ancient Olympic Trivialities:

two people fencing

Unsplash / Micaela Parente

Query: Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic Cauldron wherein town?
Resolution: Atlanta.

Query: Which Olympic gymnast used to be awarded the first-ever highest 10 at the asymmetric bars?
Resolution: Nadia Comaneci.

Query: Who used to be the 1st American girl to win an Olympic tournament?
Resolution: Margaret Abbott.


Query: When used to be the closing time america dipped the American flag to a international chief within the Olympics?
Resolution: 1932.


Query: Which new sports activities will debut on the 2021 Olympic Video games in Tokyo?
Resolution: Skateboarding, surfing (Surfing LA Magazine), recreation mountaineering, and karate.

Query: Which canine breed used to be the 1st respectable Olympic mascot?
Resolution: Dachshund.

Query: What number of Olympic medals does Simone Biles have thus far?
Resolution: 5 (4 gold, one bronze).

Query: What number of international locations boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics?
Resolution: 66.

Query: Which German athlete used to be a third-generation Olympian in 1992?
Resolution: Andrea Keller.


Query: When did skiing make its Olympic debut?
Resolution: 1998.

Necessary Olympic Trivialities:

woman playing tennis

Unsplash / Sicong Li

Query: In 1900, which Olympic athlete refused to take part in a race on Sunday on account of his spiritual ideals?
Resolution: Myer Prinstein.

Query: Which American determine skating was the youngest champion ever within the Iciness Olympics?
Resolution: Tara Lipinski.

Query: South Africa participated wherein Olympic Video games for the 1st time since 1960?
Resolution: 1992.

Query: Which town hosted the 1st boycott-free Olympics since 1972?
Resolution: Barcelona.


Query: What yr did the NBA “Dream Workforce” take part within the Olympics?
Resolution: 1992.

Query: The 1904 Olympic Video games in St. Louis coincided with which different main tournament within the town?
Resolution: Global’s Truthful.

Query: Who used to be the 1st girl to mild the Olympic Cauldron?
Resolution: Enriqueta Basilio.

Query: The 1968 Olympic Torch relay adopted the trail of which ancient explorer?
Resolution: Christopher Columbus.

Query: Which used to be the biggest town to ever host the Iciness Olympics?
Resolution: Turin, Italy.


Query: In 2004, which males’s football group didn’t surrender a unmarried purpose to their warring parties?
Resolution: Argentina.

Interesting Olympic Trivialities:

white and brown concrete house

Unsplash / Florian Schmetz

Query: Usain Bolt shattered which two data in 2008?
Resolution: 100- and 200-meters.

Query: Which male gymnast received 4 gold medals in one day?
Resolution: Vitaly Scherbo.

Query: The Olympic Torch is lit the place each and every yr?
Resolution: Olympia, Greece.

Query: The Olympic Torch is used to mild what?
Resolution: The Olympic Cauldron.


Query: A race used to be held within the 1896 Olympic Video games in honor of whom?
Resolution: Pheidippides.

Query: What colours are the Olympic rings?
Resolution: Blue, yellow, black, inexperienced, and purple.

Query: What are the 5 respectable Olympic values?
Resolution: Pleasure of effort, honest play, admire for others, the pursuit of excellence, and steadiness between frame, will, and thoughts.

Query: The Olympic torch is a tribute to the fireplace that burned right through the traditional Greek Olympic video games honoring which goddess?
Resolution: Hestia.

Query: Which colour is NOT some of the rings at the Olympic flag? Inexperienced, yellow, black, or orange?
Resolution: Orange.


Query: What do the Olympic rings constitute?
Resolution: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceana.

The Very best Olympic Trivialities:

sports signage

Unsplash / Bryan Turner

Query: When have been the 1st wintry weather Olympics held?
Resolution: 1924.

Query: The place used to be the 1st wintry weather Olympics held?
Resolution: Chamonix, France.

Query: When did group determine skating debut within the Iciness Olympics?
Resolution: 2014.

Query: Which two Black American gold and bronze medal-winning athletes have been expelled from the Olympic village for protesting racial segregation all over the 1968 Olympics?
Resolution: Tommie Smith and John Carlos.


Query: The priestess of which Greek goddess used to be the one married girl accepted to observe the traditional Greek Olympics?
Resolution: Demeter.

Query: The one tournament within the first-known historical Greek Olympics used to be a footrace of what duration?
Resolution: 192 meters.

Query: Who received the first-known Olympics in historical Greece?
Resolution: Coroebus.

Query: Which historical Greek legendary determine is claimed to have based the Olympics?
Resolution: Heracles (Roman title Hercules).

Query: When did the Olympic Video games first characteristic a marathon?
Resolution: 1896.


Arduous Olympic Trivialities:

people riding bicycles

Unsplash / Simon Connellan

Query: The place did Pheidippides run?
Resolution: From Marathon, Greece to Athens.

Query: In 2016, which recreation made the Olympic roster for the 1st time since 1924?
Resolution: Rugby.

Query: In what yr did the Olympic flag debut?
Resolution: 1920.

Query: The Olympics have been first held to honor which Greek god?
Resolution: Zeus.

Query: The Soviet Union boycotted the Olympics wherein American host town?
Resolution: Los Angeles.


Query: Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis each received gold wherein 4 occasions?
Resolution: 100-meter, 200-meter, 4×100-meter relay, and lengthy bounce.

Query: The 1976 Montreal Olympics noticed the debut of which 3 ladies’s sports activities?
Resolution: Basketball, rowing, and handball.

Query: The primary ladies’s marathon used to be wherein Olympic Video games?
Resolution: Los Angeles in 1984.

Query: The primary opening rite for the Olympics used to be held wherein town and yr?
Resolution: London, 1908.

Query: How lengthy a distance used to be the 1st Olympic marathon?
Resolution: 25 miles.


Attention-grabbing Olympic Trivialities:

people playing soccer on field during daytime

Unsplash / Karsten Winegeart

Query: Who received first position within the first-ever Olympic marathon race?
Resolution: Spyridon Louis.

Query: What’s the same old marathon race duration these days?
Resolution: 26 miles and 385 yards (42,195 meters).

Query: Which Roman emperor declared himself the winner of an Olympic chariot race… even supposing he fell out of his chariot?
Resolution: Nero.

Query: Which Olympian reprises her well-known smirk in a GEICO industrial for automobile insurance coverage?
Resolution: McKayla Maroney.

Query: Who used to be the 1st Olympic athlete to be disqualified for trying out sure for steroids?
Resolution: Ben Johnson.


Query: Desk tennis made its Olympic debut wherein yr?
Resolution: 1988.

Query: Who’s the one athlete in historical past to win medals on the Iciness and Summer time Olympics in the similar yr?
Resolution: Christa Luding-Rothenburger.

Query: How previous used to be Lindsey Vonn when she made her Olympic debut?
Resolution: 17.

Query: What Olympic determine skating group were given highest rankings for his or her interpretation of Maurice Ravel‘s “Bolero?”
Resolution: Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

Query: Which emperor banned the Olympics in 393 A.D.?
Resolution: Theodosius I.


Extra Olympic Trivialities:

person in green jacket riding on red ski board on snow covered ground during daytime

Unsplash / Glade Optics

Query: During which town and yr did Japan win their first Olympic gold medal?
Resolution: Sapporo, 1972.

Query: Who used to be the 1st athlete to win 8 medals in one Olympic Video games?
Resolution: Aleksandr Dityatin.

Query: Which host town used to be the 1st to make use of synthetic snow within the Iciness Olympics?
Resolution: Lake Placid, N.Y.

Query: What number of gold medals did Eric Heiden win within the 1980 Iciness Olympics?
Resolution: 5.

Query: Who wrote the tune for The Olympic Hymn?
Resolution: Spyros Samaras.


Query: Who wrote the lyrics for The Olympic Hymn?
Resolution: Kostis Palamas.

Query: Triathlon and taekwondo have been added to the Olympics in what yr?
Resolution: 2000.

Query: What prize used to be given to winners of the Olympics in historical Greece?
Resolution: Olive department crown.

Query: Which nation has hosted probably the most Olympic Video games?
Resolution: United States.

Query: When did the Olympics first award gold, silver, and bronze medals?
Resolution: 1904.


Query: The primary trendy Olympics have been held in what yr?
Resolution: 1896.

Query: The place have been the 1st trendy Olympic Video games held?
Resolution: Athens, Greece.

Query: Who’s credited with beginning the fashionable Olympic video games?
Resolution: Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

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